How Face-to-Face Communication Drives Productivity

Face-to-face interaction is the key in everyday life, so why miss out on the valuable connections you can make with an in-person conversation? In the workplace, productivity is key and more of our daily activities can be completed at the desktop than ever before. It’s increasingly more common to email or instant message someone to get in touch with them in place of walking down the hall to chat in person. While these methods may be more convenient, about twenty-six percent of employers consider email to be a major productivity killer. Face-to-face interaction, especially in the business world, is what helps people be productive, cooperate, and stay connected. This type of interaction is an important tool that establishes trust, rapport, and helps to build a stronger and more meaningful relationship.

Around 93% of communication effectiveness is determined by non-verbal cues. Catching non-verbal cues from another person can help gauge engagement with your conversation and provide clarity to the message you’re trying to relay.  When an employee can see the colleagues or clients they are presenting to or collaborating with, they are more likely to have a more productive and personal interaction. This helps an individual get the most out of their experience and conduct their work more efficiently and effectively.  For example, when presenting new ideas to your team and you are able to interact face-to-face, it is easier to read expressions and body language to gauge the engagement.

Video conferencing can even help bridge the gap between impersonal and personal meetings and conversations. Video conferencing tools allow for remote presentations and conversations, facilitating a sufficient environment for collaboration. Seeing the people you are speaking with face-to-face, in-person or through a screen, provides instant feedback on your conversation and allows for quicker re-adjustments in the way that you present your information. These solutions help to streamline interdepartmental communications, especially in companies with multiple offices. Employees are able to interact and collaborate together, even from miles apart through virtual conference rooms, helping to build relationships and camaraderie between coworkers.

Grandstream’s GVC video conferencing devices allow remote communication for office spaces, conferencing centers, or remote workers. When paired with the IPVideoTalk video conferencing platform, the complete solution allows for connectivity from any office setting, traditional or non-traditional. For a smaller conferencing solution, the GXV video phones are the perfect desktop accessory for more personalized face-to-face conferencing. Grandstream’s video conferencing solutions enable employees in any environment to meet face-to-face straight from the desktop, allowing communication to be more personal and productive.

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