Remote Work: How the Right Tools Can Improve Collaboration

Posted by:   Nicole Furnari, Marketing Specialist
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As we enter the era of remote interaction, many organizations are adapting and adjusting to a new way of life. Many companies have moved to a remote work structure, education has shifted to virtual classrooms, and healthcare workers have turned to technology to provide telehealth appointments. With a focus on health and safety for all, our means of communication have shifted nearly exclusively to web-based solutions to enable remote collaboration. This creates a demand for products that pair with these solutions to help remote professionals, students, and teachers stay productive while remote.

In the workplace, remote workers are becoming more prominent as capacity regulations and safety requirements put in place during the current pandemic limit the amount of employees allowed in an office at one time. Employees that are now relocated to their homes need access to the proper equipment to maintain and expand productivity. In addition to their phones, laptops, and computers, remote workers will need the appropriate equipment for both team and client meetings, requiring a better-than-built-in quality webcam. Grandstream’s GUV3100 1080p USB webcam is the most powerful and affordable solution to add to any existing home office space, allowing for a 1080p HD-quality resolution to maximize productivity in online meetings. In addition, with distractions outside of the office, remote workers would require an HD quality,  noise-canceling audio solution for their meetings. The GUV3000 series of USB headsets allow for high-quality, hands-free communication with added noise-canceling technology, ideal for remote environments.

Those same remote technology solutions can also be applied when looking at remote learning. Especially in K-12 education, students who are used to being focused in a classroom are now required to attempt to be focused during lessons while online at home. These changes aren’t always easily adjusted to when students and teachers alike may not have a completely separate “study” area dedicated to work and learning. With the upcoming school year, students will need the proper technology now more than ever to maintain their productivity in the virtual classroom. Noise-canceling headsets and improved USB webcam quality will help to block out distractions and keep students engaged in learning, even from their homes.

In telehealth, more providers are in need of webcams and reliable equipment to keep up with their virtual visits. Virtual patient visits keep staff safe while keeping healthcare accessible to everyone, including those who are unable to visit their providers due to both distance and the pandemic. Many specialists in the healthcare field who are not required to be in an office to practice, such as a nutritionist or therapist, are also working from their homes. For certain specialties, this requires some confidentiality between patient and provider that equipment such as noise-canceling headsets can provide.

Grandstream’s GUV series of Personal Collaboration Devices are ideal for the remote worker in any field and environment. Now-a-days, a remote worker’s laptop is also their desk phone, web meeting platform, and conferencing solution, proven by the growth of platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google, Slack, and more. The GUV series is built for compatibility and offers peace-of-mind supporting all major third-party communication platforms, apps, and softphones – making them the ideal headsets and webcams for any deployment.

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