Supporting the Hybrid Workforce with Unified IT

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Posted by Phil Bowers, Director of Marketing

More than three years after a pandemic shifted companies to remote and hybrid work overnight, businesses still struggle to support their employees with robust, flexible, and secure IT infrastructure. The problem is unlikely to go away any time soon. Gartner, for example, reports that 82% of business leaders intend to allow employees to work remotely into the foreseeable future.

Businesses have been scrambling to create remote solutions or platforms that allow their employees to work from anywhere. Fortunately, new approaches to networking and unified communications can help.

Hybrid Work’s IT Challenge

Hybrid work provides many advantages for workers and companies alike, from greater flexibility in managing non-work priorities to reduced real estate costs. All parties also benefit from increased productivity, with almost half (49%) of IT professionals witnessing productivity boosts.

But new work models challenge IT departments that are already pushed to the limit.

  • Cybersecurity challenges have risen in the context of hybrid work as cybercriminals take advantage of employees working away from the shelter of corporate networks.
  • Supply chain problems keep IT departments scrambling for networking and other gear they need to support employees working at home.
  • IT staffing shortages continue to drive companies to do more with fewer people.

IT for Hybrid Work

New networking and unified communications gear can go a long way in supporting the hybrid workforce. 

  • Wi-Fi-enabled phones let remote workers plug in anywhere there’s a power outlet without having to run network cables or tether themselves to existing cabling.
  • New networking devices — including routers and access points — support Wi-Fi-enabled voice and video conferencing at the office and virtual private networks at home.
  • Unified IT management lets IT staff support everything remotely from a single interface.

New tools, flexible devices, IT management solutions, and resilient supply chains can help alleviate all of these issues. Here at Grandstream, we provide a one-stop-shop for all of the UC and networking tools needed to build hybrid work solutions. We have also built an extended supply chain with multiple manufacturing locations, which has provided us the flexibility and control to not experience any supply chain issues during or since the pandemic. Thanks to our reliable supply chain, free cloud management platforms and portfolio of over 100 networking and unified communication solutions, Grandstream is the ideal single-source partner for your hybrid work deployments.

It’s all about building resiliency to support hybrid work — something successful organizations everywhere are doing to foster digital transformation and build for the future. We teamed up with CIO to create a whitepaper to show business and IT leaders how to build solutions that support the modern, hybrid workforce – and why Grandstream is your ideal partner.


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