Why you should choose VoIP gateway over analog connection

It is the time for you to buy the new phone system for your business. Which one will you choose? Traditional phone systems, that you have used in the past years or the new launched VoIP phone system, which you currently heard about in the market.

While there are many people, who are having more experience with the use of the traditional analog system, for them the VoIP phone system can help you to save a lot, provide you with more flexibility and give you some of the amazing features that you will not find anywhere. Here, in this article, the benefits of using the VoIP system is explained along with mentioning the reasons why people are replacing the old analog phone system and installing the Analog VoIP Gateways in their business. Various network providers help in offering the VoIP network to the companies. When you are willing to choose this type of network system in your home, better you pick up a reliable provider who will offer the network at the affordable price.

The drawbacks of the analog phone system

The analog telephoning systems are made with the copper wire and they run on the POTS. The full form of POTS is the plain old telephone service. This type of phone system is used for decades in the earlier days. Though the use of analog phones is quite popular among the users, due to the advancement of technology, they are becoming quite unpopular among the latest business enterprises. For the first-time users, the features are limited. This system has the Hold, Redial, and the Mute options but with the increase in the employees in the workplaces, these features are not so common.

The analog phone systems do not have too much flexibility. As, if you like to move your business from one place to another, you cannot use the analog phone system. We all know the startup cost of this type of gateway is affordable, but there are long-term costs. The installation, configuration and the management of the analog phone system come with the higher price.

The benefits of VoIP phone system

The VoIP system works under the control of the internet. The system works by sending and getting the voice signals that are made in packages of data. The VoIP systems are available in the digital format around the world. This VoIP phoning system comes with various features and they are limitless. Apart from the standard calling, the user also gets the benefit of the call recording, voicemail, time of day routing and the IVR/Auto attendant as well. This system is having cost-effective as compared to the traditional telephoning system. They are easy to install and requires very less amount of the installation. The user can manage this system and it is gaining in popularity these days.

Thus, The VoIP phone system is the current trend in the market and more and more businesses are choosing the Grandstream VoIP Gateways for getting all sort of benefits regarding communication.

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