4 Things to Keep in Mind When Switching to SIP

Session Initiation Protocol or known as SIP trunking, in short, is referred to a service provided by renowned communications services. It makes use of the protocol to rider voice over IP (VoIP) link in the middle of the on-premises phone system as well as the public switched telephone network. These techniques are widely used for call confirmation, management, and even tear down. General to speak, SIP trunking is sold as a substitute for digital Primary Rate Interfaces. It depends on the time-division multiplexing.

The process of the SIP trunking is commonly organized by communications services all over the world. Some of them are making use of it to replace the TDM-focused services. Just by offering SIP trunking over present Ethernet or Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network infrastructure, the company can decrease the cost and problems in handling the company linked with legacy digital stages. It also gives additional features as well.

There are lots of benefits associated with the SIP trunking from the viewpoint of the customers. It promises to give better shopping flexibility as compared to the TDM. TDM trunks basically provide support to around 23 voice channels. On the other hand, SIP trunks can be shopped in any increment without the need for a devoted wide area network (WAN) route. Customers may execute SIP trunks over the present WAN services, devoted to the WAN connections or even the public web.

There are four things that you should consider while Switching to SIP

  1. Security is required with SIP

SIP is easy to send; it doesn’t take an IT mastermind to decode a SIP session (call). In the absence, anybody can run a packet detain tool and take out audio from calls. One of the fine news is this is a simple trouble to answer with a Session Border Controller (SBC) and Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP). They are basically a firewall for SIP.

  1. Priority is Important with SIP

In the middle of the file sharing and Netflix streaming, possibilities are a lot of traffic on the network. If you plan to execute the SIP trunking, you may face hold up in the video buffering, leisurely email sends speeds and decreased audio quality on your VoIP calls. To avoid this, make sure you utilize the standard QoS feature found in most business-grade routers and switches. The QoS feature will make sure that the voice calls get priority on the network, making sure the available bandwidth is delivered directly to them prior to the download to the YouTube video.

  1. Before to SIP, Understand the Network

If you are looking towards SIP, it’s significant to have a precise thought of how many parallels calls the business People using the Red Phone makers. The review of the call logs and appreciates the whole number of minutes the businesses use and how many parallel calls you make at the busiest moments.

After that, you need to understand on the network that SIP works on the bandwidth. Some lack of it can result in bad audio, dropped calls as well as the busy signals. One of the good things is that the bandwidth is cheap and quickly available!

You should confirm that you have supported the maximum number of parallel calls your business needs. Insert the bandwidth necessary to the amount you previously utilize for business events and you must go for it.

  1. Avoid Faxing through SIP

There are lots of reasons why the blog post will find the information. The faxing over IP would be quite messy. In another easy way, a fax message cannot be packed in with the same manner as a voice packet. Different from the phone call having the poor audio, if there is any sort of packet loss, the fax is expected to fail totally. Faxing also needs good bandwidth as compared to a phone call. It is said that if faxing is imperative to your business and it requires being over IP, one should have an expert support to set it up to make sure it’s done in a proper manner. In case, the fax is important for the business, you must place some sort of critical fax applications on a devoted analog line to assurance quality.


The above mentioned highly important thoughts when switching to SIP, and they must all be wrapped and even explained to you in complete information if you contact a seller. In case, you have any additional query related to the SIP trunking, it is better to discuss the requirements with the experts on the topic.

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