A Few Basic Tips to Answer Business Phone Calls to Impress Your Clients

Answering telephone calls is always a very crucial as well as favorite part of sales for any business. This means that the way you answer any phone call serves to create the first impression for new callers of your business.

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Even in the days of web inquiries, texting, e-mail, or social media, the telephone calls still remains the key point of contact for several customers related to any business. However, the main question is how to impress your business clients over the phone? There are a few basic surefire tips to make the first impression of your business over the phone, as outlined below.

  • Firstly, you need to pick up the incoming phone call before the third ring otherwise your caller may think there is no one to attend the call, which is definitely worse for your business.
  • Next, answer any phone call with a welcoming note by introducing your own name and your company or whose behalf you are actually talking to.
  • The foremost thing is you should pay attention to the tone of your voice while talking over the phone as any clients interact over the phone without any visual cues. Therefore, it is good to pick up the phone with an enthusiastic, warm, professional, or actual smile so that the clients can easily hear the difference.
  • Language is also another important factor that you need to keep in mind while answering a phone call. Never use any sorts of buzzwords or slang and instead you can say “No problem” or simply “OK”. Furthermore, your voice should be in moderate volume and speak in a slow as well as clear manner so that your caller can understand your words easily.
  • Always ask permission from the caller whether it is okay to put her/him on hold at the time of answering the phone and in the case if you are putting the caller on hold then provide her/him with progress reports quickly within 30-40 seconds. Even, you can ask the caller if he/she wish to continue to hold or you can call him/her back within a few minutes.
  • Never say “No” while talking with your clients over the phone. You should always look for a way to help your customers. In the case, if you do not offer a fruitful way that they are actually looking for or cannot provide a definite answer to their specific question, then you may offer advice, refer them to a partner or a reliable vendor.
  • As business is your first priority, you need to stay focus on the clients’ phone calls by minimizing the background noises.
  • Keep your conversation short and compact for any business phone call and always you should try to make a phone call dialogue rather than a monologue.
  • It is also even essential to understand your callers’ mood while answering a phone call as reassuring, excited, empathetic, or sympathetic as necessary.

Hopefully, all of the above-mentioned tips will surely boost your confidence to mark the first impress of your business to your clients’ mind while interacting with them over a phone call.

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