Choosing the Right VoIP Phones for Your Business and Home

Nothing works better to keep the workers in touch with each other in an organization than a standard basic desktop IP phone. Organisations tend to have a lot of work which calls for good inter-departmental communication. With desktop phones, the productivity of an organization achieves stability as light to medium call volume can be handled most efficiently.

The Features:

Basic desktop IP phones are on offer from various companies these days. The most reliable of IP phones have standout features like

  • handling light to medium volume of phone calls
  • helping stay in touch with other people through 2 lines or SIP accounts
  • crystal clear HD quality audio for easy and distortion free listening in both speakers and handsets
  • Dual-switched 10/100 Mbps ports and more
  • Stores a minimum of 500 contacts and call history of close to 200 records

Some phone manufacturing companies go on to the extent of offering features like 3 way conferencing and more. The combination of variables such features, in the end, makes up for a good quality IP phone. A popular and good example of an IP phone that is doing its round on the market like many others is the Grandstream GXP 1620 IP Phone.

Where to Buy?

Customers who are interested in buying an IP phone can take to visit the websites of the manufacturers. There with the filling up of an online form, customers can get in touch with a helpdesk executive who can then guide regarding the buying of an IP Phone. In order to sample more information, customers can take to sign up for newsletters from the manufacturing companies by providing their email address. Various social media presence also works to benefit the interested customers.

Phones for Both Home and Business:

VoIP or voice over internet phone is made to be available by the manufacturing companies for both business and home solutions. Once an interested customer takes to do some online research regarding the phone that would best fit his or her bill, choose the right phone becomes much easy. On an average, large phone manufacturing companies have around 300-400 models to choose from among the customers.  So be it the search for phones suited to multiple lines or dual Ethernet ports, VoIP phone varieties are many.

So when searching for phones suited to a business conference, there is the option of choosing from models that offer Full HD conferencing, Audio conferencing. For IP Voice telephones, there is the high-end IP phones, Basic IP phones, Mid-Range IP phones, Cordless IP phones, extension modules and more. Some modern-day desktop IP phones also offer video telephony suited to Android platform added with extension modules.

The successful phone manufacturers have the statistics to their side regarding the percentage of customer satisfaction. If that isn’t enough then surveys do tell that more than 90% of customers tend to purchase the brand they are most accustomed to. These mean business establishments, as well as homes numbering in thousands, are relying and has so far relied on quality desktop IP phone models.

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