Network Cameras which are featured by ultra-mini size, stylish design, and easy installation.

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You can find the latest specification of Mini Series IP Camera, download it !

Milesight Pro Series | AI Technology

Milesight Pro Series which are the professional-level network cameras designed for those who are seeking for the upmost in quality, integration, design and reliability for their demanding surveillance needs.

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You can find the latest specification of Pro Series IP Camera, download it !

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Milesight Panoramic Camera

Milesight 12MP H.265+ Fisheye Network Camera features 12 megapixel ultra high definition, bringing panoramic viewing experience. The advanced Smart IR II technology, exquisite design and user-friendly interface make it a second-to-none choice

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You can find the latest specification of Panoramic Series IP Camera, download it !

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You can find the latest specification of PTZ Camera download it!

Milesight 5G Camera

Milesight 5G Series is equipped with cutting-edge 5G & IoT technology and AI deep learning, catering for outdoor remote monitoring which is without a wired network but in need of device mobility and acquiring sensor data. 5G will redefine video surveillance and the wider physical security industry, coming into its own by leveraging AI-based solutions such as remote management, face attribute recognition, intelligent image processing and even behaviour detection, while empowering massive connectivity of Internet of Things devices, bringing more innovative possibilities for the future. Milesight combines three technologies, 5G, AI and IoT, launching 5G Ultra Suite, including 5G AIoT Camera to accelerate the arrival of an intelligent world.

Milesight Road Traffic Management Camera

Milesight Road Traffic Management Camera combines video surveillance with Al, ANPR, 3D Radar and other cutting-edge technologies helps traffic management agencies systematically and intelligently monitor and understand road users' behavior and gain valuable insights based on real-time data to optimize traffic flow, minimize accident risks, and respond to emergencies more efficiently. It can be widely used in urban public security management systems, which can significantly improve management efficiency and make traffic smarter, safer and smoother.

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You can find the latest specification of LPR Camera download it!

GSC Series IP Camera

Create and customize a security environment with Grandstream’s range of Full HD IP cameras. Easy to setup, deploy and manage, these cameras offer a proactive security system to keep a user’s facility secured and protected. The GSC3600 series of security cameras feature full HD resolution and include weatherproof casing.

Video Management System & Software

Be customer-oriented, Milesight is not only dedicated to offer customers comprehensive product lineup of network cameras and NVRs, but also complementary software such as VMS, CMS, mobile APPs and Tools, meeting various requirements from entry level to high end.

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