Full-featured access control solutions using IP infrastructure.

Akuvox & 2N

Access Control Units & SW

The Akuvox & 2N IP access control systems ensure reliable control of entry to buildings and thereby increases the degree of security at this exposed Akuvox & 2N system

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You can find the latest specification of IP Access Control & Software, download it !

2N Elevator Systems - IP Solutions

A smart elevator means a connected elevator. With our solution, you only need one IoT gateway and two wires in the travelling cable to connect an IP communicator, camera, access reader and advertising panel in the elevator cabin. Improve your lift elevator!

2N Elevator Systems - Digital solution

Are you looking for a modular solution with a wide range of communication interfaces? 2N® Lift8 is the perfect choice for you. You can connect up to eight shafts to the central unit and each shaft can have up to six communication units.

2N Induction Loop & 2Wire

2N® Induction Loop wirelessly transmits sound from the 2N IP intercom to the affected person’s hearing aid. A hearing impaired visitor to the building thus gets the benefit of voice communication.

Latest Datasheet

You can find the latest specification of 2N Smart Extensions, download it !

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MY2N Cloud Services

Services to facilitate the integration and administration of 2N devices via the internet.

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