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Why Office 24 X 7


Our contact center handles the entire system in a smarter way featuring the real-time benefits of automation. It helps in an easy lead distribution due to which we are able to enhance the business set up with good revenue.


Carry out an easy tracking of the employees that help us to manage all the works efficiently. And we are able to perform a detailed analysis preparing a proper report and thus we are able to measure a perfect ROI.


Handle the calls in the right way that enable to increase business profits exploring with true benefits. Also, with a great employee satisfaction ensuring that your business moves on achieving an estimable position in the competitive market. and also turns out with a higher accuracy due to which you can get familiar with all optimistic facets.


We come out with a mission to reduce manpower and thus we can take care of all our employees making them feel happier. And also helps in decreasing the downtime that makes it easier to handle the features in the right way providing the best experience to customers. And also reduce the overall cost making some good savings, which get added to business profits.

Time to Set up a Smarter Contact Center with Cradle Contact Center Software

Call Center

What to look for in Call Center Software

Cohesive Technologies has served to many industry verticals like Finance, Healthcare, Entertainment, Logistics, e-commerce, Real-estate, Banking, Media, and much more. Here is the list of our brand clientele.


We make use of an improved CRM that makes it easier to get involved with a finer agent-customer interaction ensuring better results. It thus enhances the cross-selling options increasing business productivity. Explore better customer retention in real time that gives you the confidence to set up a nice business infrastructure.


Our customized IVR set up helps a customer to get in touch with the right agent or department receiving suitable responses. Thus, you can now easily get feasible solutions from the expert and it becomes easier to reach the person following our IVR options. And we have multi-level interactive voice response that makes the entire process easier featuring a smarter backdrop.

Voice Recording

Recording inbound and outbound calls is an essential part in order to monitor the call quality and certain other features. It’s done to improve the standard of performance and thus you can get better responses that give you the ultimate confidence to continue the communication. We carry out a detailed quality analysis ensuring that we provide a better experience to our customers.

O/B Calls

We arrange successful outbound calls presenting the offers and benefits to our customers. help you to know the options depending on which you can make a right choice. Our agents start a friendly conversation and thus you can feel happier to know the details of our services. Thus, you can now opt for all beneficial solutions in real time exploring the utilities of outbound calls.

I/B Calls

We here deal with our customers in a professional and friendly way featuring the true importance of inbound calls. Our IVR phone menu systems come out with user-friendly options and thus you can easily handle the features operating the system in the right way. Our inbound calling software works perfectly with all the features featuring a smarter backdrop.


Email today comes out as the best form of internet marketing. Keeping this in mind, we provide good email support to our customers revealing the details of our services and products. It enables you to get familiar with all feasible solutions understanding the importance of modern technology. It makes them feel happier and thus we come out as a leading name in the industry.

Ticket Module

Our easy ticket module is another beneficial option featuring a smarter backdrop. Convert voicemails and calls to automated tickets that enable users to get a better experience with automated ticket creation option. You can now get a quick response from our end due to which you can feel confident knowing that you are at the right place. Also helps us with an easy record keeping avoiding any future controversies.


We here prepare a detailed agent performance report that helps us to understand the strategies we need to take improving the performance of our contact center. In addition, we also come out with a detailed call status report that gives you the opportunity to find new way providing better support to the customers. easy to carry out an hour wise call analysis and effective ways to enhance the business opportunities.


Agent CTI is a customized module, which comes up with internal and external chat option helping users to get a better calling experience. CTI screen pop up shows necessary customer details that help agents to manage calls in the right way understanding how to speak with a specific person on call. And also helps in carrying out a flawless CRM integration that enables agents to keep on calling without any worries.

Call Back Management

Users can avoid waiting in a queue using the callback management option that helps them to reach a live agent in a while. Thus, one can easily get the feasible solutions and we are here to provide the best experience ensuring that you are at the right place. It helps users to avoid waiting in the queue for a long time that saves their valuable time. Thus, this calls back management feature brings in all positive aspects enhancing the business set up.

DNC & Exclusion

We strictly follow the ‘do not call’ protection law and we assure our users that they won’t face any disturbances from our end. Also, we maintain a perfect call exclusion ensuring that you stay away from all the worries knowing that you are in safe hands. We are here to give you the best solutions ensuring that you lead a life in a better way.

Voice Blast

Use customized voice blaster software for outbound calls where users can listen to necessary messages, which are pre-recorded from our end. Thus, we are able to broadcast messages to hundreds and thousands of users and they can avoid waiting in a long queue. Users can also start an interaction pressing the right keys that enable them to get all feasible solutions fulfilling the specifications.

Call Recording

A call recording for quality analysis and for training purpose and ensure that you would receive complete safety here. Thus, you can trust us knowing that you are at the right place from where you can get a better calling experience. Our call recording helps us to bring in new strategies ensuring that users explore a smarter backdrop in real time.

Call Center Presence

This is a good option for call center agents who can manage their status revealing their presence at the workplace. Improve performance providing a better experience for our users due to which we gain a good reputation in the competitive market. Also, users can change their status to available, busy, away etc according to which would work helping you to speak on your comfortable time.

Automatic Call Distributor

Handle the calls in the queue in a proper way directing them to the right agent and thus being a user you can speak to the ideal person clarifying all doubts. Thus carry out an effective automatic call distribution (ACD) ensuring that you get familiar with all positive aspects. Assign the calls helping a user to continue the conversation without any interruption.

Call Reporting

Carry out a call reporting in order to monitor the agents’ activities that enable us to come out with a better backdrop. Enhances technical accuracy and users can receive better responses that give them the confidence to go ahead. Helps us to know how an agent performs with proper etiquette that makes the procedure happen easily and thus our customers can feel the real happiness.

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