Guardian Telecom HDE-30-V Emergency & Help Point VoIP telephone

HDE-30-V Emergency & Help Point VoIP telephone

Model Number: P6945

Guardian Telecom’s new and updated SIP-enabled HDE-30-V Emergency & Help Point VoIP telephone is a recessed wall unit with a single push-to-call button, and a network configurable auxiliary relay which is standard to all HDE-V models. This model is compatible with OGP Series housings.

HDE-V telephones are intended for use in public areas where direct assistance or hands-free communication is required.

Calls can be initiated from the telephone or from the monitoring station. HDE-V VoIP telephones are capable of remote monitoring, reporting the status of each unit and informing personnel of a malfunction.

  • System - Telephone
  • Product Type - Help Point
  • Primary Application - Emergency, Correctional and Institutional
  • Conditions and/or Rating - Rugged and Moderately Harsh Areas
  • Model No. - P6945
  • Specific Features - Recessed/Wall Mount/Single Emergency Call Button
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Features & Benefits

    Product Features

  • Supports CISCO SRST (User selectable).
  • Supports Mitel Resiliency (User Selectable).
  • Adaptive full-duplex voice operation
  • PoE 802.3af enabled (Power-over-Ethernet) or alternate power source
  • Compatible with SIP RFC 3261 compliant IP-PBX and Cloud based servers
  • Auxiliary Relay to control external devices with multiple control modes (Refer to document P007402 – VoIP Setup and Configuration Guide)
  • Network web management interface
  • Guardian Discovery Utility makes it easy to detect, locate and launch the web-based configuration screens
  • Web Interface provides full configuration over device. Some key features include:
    • Microphone default level settings
    • LED activation control, (User selectable), (2 – LEDs)
    • Relay activation management.
    • Call timers
    • Event Management – Real Time Monitoring.
    • Product Updates.
    • Product Automated configuration
  • HDE-V models with an “Emergency” push button – depressing the button once automatically rings a designated number to summon help
  • HDE-V models with a “Push To Call” button – depress the button once and it allows the user to dial out or it will dial a pre-programmed number. A call may be initiated from the phone or from the monitoring station
  • Control Relay – network configurable auxiliary relay standard on all models
  • Night ringer mode – refer to product manual
  • 316 Stainless Steel – 16 Gauge with #4 Brushed Finish, corrosion resistant enclosures
  • LED – There are up to 2 LED indicators which can be set to activate on specific operations status or remote controlled
  • ADA (American Disability Act) compliant label
  • Speaker – hands free operation
  • Operating temp: -40˚ to +140˚F ( -40˚ to +60˚C )
  • Adaptive Echo Cancelling – Self learning echo reduction system

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