Guardian Telecom WTT-40 Outdoor Industrial Watertight Analog Telephone

WTT-40 Outdoor Industrial Watertight Analog Telephone

Model Number: P5302

Guardian’s WTT-40 Outdoor Industrial Watertight analog telephone with metal keypad and armored handset cord offers maximum efficiency under extreme environmental conditions.

The sturdy & rugged thermoplastic resin enclosure with a spring loaded door protects the internal circuitry against wind blown dust, rain, corrosion, splashing and high pressure water.

With Type 4X & IP66 ratings this is an ideal telephone for harsh conditions.

  • System - Telephone
  • Product Type - Analog Non-Hazardous
  • Primary Application - Outdoor/Indoor Industrial
  • Conditions and/or Rating - Rugged and Moderately Harsh Areas
  • Model No. - P5302
  • Specific Features -Metal Keypad/Armored Cord 18" (.45m)
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Features & Benefits

    Product Features

  • Metal keypad for extended life
  • Armored handset cord
  • Water/dust-tight thermoplastic resin enclosure, Type 4X & IP66
  • Encapsulated circuitry impervious to moisture, dust and corrosion
  • Waterproof connections & stainless steel fittings for longer life
  • Corrosion protected and powder coated steel faceplate
  • Magnetic reed hook switch to reduce parts subject to wear
  • Surge arrestor to prevent voltage spike damage
  • Heavy duty G type industrial handset
  • Electret noise reducing microphone for clear communication
  • Service temperature range from 40˚ to +140˚F ( -40˚ to +60˚C )
  • Modular parts for easy service
  • Integrated mounting feet
  • Hearing aid compatible & receiver volume adjustment
  • Electronic ringer for reliability
  • Tone or pulse dialing offers universal configuration
  • Easily connects to any single line analog CO or PBX telephone line
  • Handset retainers to maintain on-hook status
  • Spring loaded door
  • Easy support drill guides for top & bottom mount glands

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